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Power and precision for perfect clothes

An ideal ally for crease-free clothes, the new 5395FL is distinguished by its high power and water tank capacity. Ironing has never been easier!

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More time for what really matters

Good weather is synonymous with outdoor dining, lighter foods and fresh juices full of good ingredients! It's the perfect time to put your creativity to the test. Give wings to your imagination... Flama does the rest!

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Built-in appliances

Indicated for spaces of different dimensions, the built-in appliances make your kitchen into a more organized and harmonious space. Explore Flama's range of built-ins and know what we have to offer.

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Ideal for traditional grills

Cooked tasty and healthy, quickly and with less smoke emission. It is one of the great innovations of the season and promises to revolutionize your summer!

Small appliances
Small solutions for great results!
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Large appliances
In the right measure for your home!
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Your Flama's kitchen

With you at all times, FLAMA makes your life easier and fun.

Our values

Innovate and improve continuously, always thinking about you.

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Our mission

Work daily for yours and your family's well-being.

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