Who we are
Who we are

The past, the present, and the future.

With its head office in Oliveira de Azeméis, North Portugal, and a journey that goes back to 1979, FLAMA has learnt how to grow and reinvent itself adapting to market trends and consumer needs.

Specialised in small domestic appliances, we have extended our offer to large appliances by providing free installation and built-in solutions.

FLAMA focuses on values such as innovation, rigour, and excellence, and we are currently third place on the Portuguese ranking of companies in this sector according to GFK.

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The beginning

FLAMA was created, back then it was designated as A. Alves, Lda by its founder, Antonio Alves, and it dedicated itself to the manufacture of aluminium kitchenware.


Diversification of its business with small appliances coming into the market, which was growing with the production of fryers and electric grills.


Investment was made on the research and development of new products by means of strict quality control, which marks a new business stage for the company. It began producing toasters, irons, and stainless steel kitchenware, hence strengthening its position in the industry sector.

External markets

The export of products took off either using the FLAMA brand or by means of internationally recognised brands for which the company produces.

FLAMA’s anniversary

FLAMA celebrated ten years. This moment was celebrated with a team lunch that included Antonio Alves, Amorosa Alves, and their employees.


It became a public limited company and changed its designation to FLAMA, S.A. with its main activity being the production and sales of domestic appliances and kitchenware, hence beginning a new business stage.


FLAMA began its production of espresso machines and inaugurated its first branch in the United States of America.

The FLAMA brand

An investment was made on the development of the FLAMA brand by means of publicity and extending its distribution network consolidating its leadership in the Portuguese market.

Production optimization

Production optimization is one of FLAMA’s priorities for the future. The company is investing in order to increase productivity by introducing monitoring software for the factories and implementing the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard within the scope of its quality system.

Increased supply

FLAMA increased significantly its range of products with the release of new models in several small appliance categories.

Innovative coffee machine

Release of an innovative concept of espresso machine for single ESE doses with patent registration.

Xpress machine

Release of an innovative concept of domestic draught beer dispenser together with the Portuguese brand, Super Bock.

Iberian Peninsula

Opening of a business branch in Barcelona (Spain) in order to extend the distribution of the FLAMA brand in the Iberian Peninsula.

Pod coffee machines

The production of pod espresso machines took off.

Industrial component

Its industrial area in Portugal was renovated and extended. Today, FLAMA has a very strong industrial component and it manufactures products with the FLAMA brand as well as products for known international brands in OEM.

Cookii cooking machine

Cookii was released in the Portuguese market: an innovative concept for a cooking machine.

R&D in Holland

Flama B.V. was constituted in Holland – a centre dedicated to the research and development of new products.

Large domestic appliances

FLAMA invested on large domestic appliances by introducing a range of stoves.

Built-in range

The reinforcement of large domestic appliances is a priority to FLAMA, which introduced a new built-in range.

Vision and Mission

Investing on innovation by investing on products and services.

To be a reference as a manufacturer of components by reinforcing our position in the market and in the value chain and investing on the innovation of products and services.

To invest on market research and development in order to adapt services and products benefiting business.

Improving client life quality optimising products and services.

Generate value in the production and sales of home appliances and components, innovating in the product and continuously improving the service, responding to the interests of Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Society and Environment.

Our mission

Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Efficiency, and Flexibility.

With a journey of almost 40 years, Flama values the pillars of its activity, a market presence, and internal resource management. The company's daily routine is based on Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Efficacy and Efficiency, and Flexibility. These values run across its entire structure and are the basis for its achieved success and recognition.


Promoting creativity internally, sharing ideas and experience with Clients and Suppliers. Analysing trends, concepts, materials, and technology to be incorporated into the development of new products.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Management culture based on the search for improvement and excellence based on employee training and qualifications as well as methods and tools for improvement. Turning the improvement of products, processes, and systems into a goal for the entire Organisation.

Efficacy and Efficiency
Efficacy and Efficiency

Performance improvement by means of material and human resource management in order to achieve the established goals.


Adapting resources and skills to the needs and expectations of the interested parties with a proactive behaviour and attitude. A flexible organisational structure that allows for a reaction in a short amount of time to market needs and evolution.

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Founded in 1979, FLAMA has been growing every year and currently counts on a universe of 300 employees. If you wish to be a part of our team and contribute to the company’s success, send in your application.

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